Sunlight Dangers

When UV rays enter your visual field, they become dangerous. The deeper rays penetrate the retina, the more serious the damage. Only good quality solar filters can reduce the depth at which rays penetrate the eyes.

Prolonged and repeated exposure to “bad” UV rays (i.e. UVA/ UVB) can cause severe eye disease such as cataracts which can lead to a major deterioration of your vision.

Many people associate sunglasses with summer and sunny days. However, the risks of UV are prevalent whatever the season. In the mountains, and particualrly in winter, everybody’s eyes must be protected: at altitude, the quality of UV rises 10%. In this specific environment, polarized lenses are most effective.

Children & Sunlight

Everyone should take care of their eyes, but children’s eyes demand special protection. Young eyes are more sensitive to UV light because their pupils are larger than adult pupils. Plus, their crystalline lenses are more transparent. In children under 12 months, 90% of UVA rays and 50% of UVB rays reach the retinas. To prevent the onset of eye disease, encourage your children to wear sunglasses and explain to them the dangers of UV light

All glasses are not equal in quality

Some widely marketed pairs do not even provide UV protection. At For Eyes, we guarantee your children’s eyes optimum protection: all our junior sunglasses are labeled 100% UV (CE standard).